That is a local poultry strain of brand new Ukrainian forest-steppe part
POLTAVA CLAY (Poltavskaya glinistaya)

The resource try not sure. It is considered that it was created by crossing regional hens that have Buff Orpingtons. A great hereditary similarity try based in the polymorphism out-of healthy protein loci from egg off Poltava Clay and you will Rhode Island Reds.

Given that step 1951 this new Ukrainian Institute off Poultry Reproduction could have been involved in-breeding focus on Poltava Clay chickens based on bulk choice to improve egg production and you may real time lbs. Four inbred traces official to own eggs creation was indeed were only available in 1966; they were NГЎboЕѕenskГ© datovГЎnГ­ aplikace pro iPhone bred from the mating 50 % of sibs. The typical design hit 190-209 egg a year having a keen eggs weight out of 54-58 g. Production of champions achieved 316 eggs a-year.

The brand new combining feature regarding birds from the the fresh new traces is checked-out on the cross which have Light Leghorns. The production of a couple of- or three-range interbreed hybrids is actually 236-240 egg a year which have an eggs pounds away from 53-54 grams.

Poltava Clay chickens is actually extensively distributed regarding the Ukraine for the facilities perhaps not concentrating on poultry so that as private possessions of outlying population. Nowadays the inventory has actually diminished regarding 747 one hundred thousand when you look at the 1974 in order to 626 000 when you look at the 1980.

Poltava Clay chickens provides buff plumage which have black ideas to airline and you will end feathers. Ear-lobes are purple; this new comb are green and you may shanks try reddish.

Brand new breed is elevated for egg and you will meat production. Brand new alive pounds of 8-week-old . pullets are 0.8 kilogram as well as cockerels 0.9 kg; mature hens consider dos.dos kg and cocks dos.6 kg. Many years in the maturity try 170 months. The common production of Poltava hens was 170-190 egg a-year with a burden out-of 56 grams. This new egg shell try brownish. Fertility out-of eggs was 95% and you may hatchability 88%. Survival rate of young stock try 92% as well as people 95%.

Poltava Clay chickens are now being bred for highest eggs manufacturing and egg weight and so are used in autosexing crosses which have wild birds which have light Columbian plumage.

MEAT-Eggs Types ADLER Silver (Adlerskaya serebristaya)

This breed was produced in the Adler poultry complex in Krasnodar territory during 1951-65 by crossing chickens of five breeds. Males of the Pervomai breed were mated with Russian White females and the F1 crosses were bred inter se. F2 progeny with a high production and viability were mated with New Hampshire males in order to improve meat qualities. The three-breed crosses were bred inter se. Offspring selected on appearance and growth rate were mated with White Plymouth Rock cocks for further improvement of meat conformation. These four-way crosses were bred inter se and their offspring were selected according to « standard » requirements. Some of these hens were mated with Yurlov cocks and the five-way crosses were bred inter se.

To make it reproduce the main reproduction method are group of the young inventory for the live weight from the 60 days old, rate away from feathering, animal meat conformation. From inside the each age group, when choosing birds with the nucleus inventory, taste received so you can specimens into Columbian plumage trend.

The new stock out-of Adler birds increased constantly by 1961 they got reached 4600 lead; inside 1962 it designated 8100. In the 1962 20 pencils off comparable birds was shaped manageable to evaluate cocks on meat qualities of the girls and boys. Guaranteeing genealogical outlines from inside the reproduce was recognized by 1965. The inventory because season attained 46 100 and you will sales off hatching egg flower so you can 500 000. The brand new breed is increased during the Krasnodar and you can Stavropol areas along with Azerbaijan. Its society increased out of 110 100000 inside 1975 to help you 603 000 because of the 1980.

Trait attributes of this new Adler breed is actually: each other meats and you will egg development, Columbian plumage development, single brush, purple ear canal-lobes and you will reddish shanks. These types of chickens have a proper-create skeleton.